Monday, May 18, 2015

fresh off the boat

I'm turning more and more into a seafood person.

My mom told me about Fresh Off The Boat when it first opened and how badly she wanted to try it.

I absolutely love the name of this seafood joint. An urban asian twist on fresh seafood centred sandwiches? Girl, you know I love my puns.

On Friday, A and I both had the day off so we decided to get new piercings (we're rebels, shh). On our way there, we passed by the restaurant on Queen West so we decided to head back once we got some new holes in our ear.

It was pretty empty since it was 3pm on a Friday afternoon.

Their menu is written on a series of mini chalkboards lining one of their walls. The other wall is adorned with framed pictures of fishermen, boats, and the sea. The lighting fixture is even intertwined with thick fishing ropes to complete the look.

Oh, and they even have a shelf stacked with bottles and bottles of Sriracha. Because asians.

They're most famous for their Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, but since I wasn't in a crab mood that day, I decided on the Lobster Roll.

Believe it or not, I never really used to like lobster. This was actually also my first lobster roll, ever. The food arrived very quickly, but then again there was no one else in the restaurant so that probably played a factor... 

The Maine-styled lobster roll came served with a side of fries and their house broccoli slaw.

fresh atlantic lobster lightly dressed in mayo and celery chives, on a butter top sliced bun

As pricey as this was ($13.95), it was delicious. The lobster was very fresh and the celery added an extra crunch to every bite. I was not a big fan of their fries though, which were a little on the soggy side and lacked flavour. Their broccoli slaw was alright but could do with a little less dressing.

A ordered the Mediterranean Shrimp Sandwich.

It came on a longer bun (more like a sub), but she said it was also delicious and filling.

sauteed shrimp in seasoned tomato sauce, basil, and feta

Fresh Off The Boat is worth a visit. While their sides are a little lacking, their sandwiches are the star of the menu, which is ultimately what you're going there to eat anyway.

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