Saturday, March 14, 2015

seven lives

Kensington Market is an area of Toronto I don't visit as much as I used to. My aunt used to live right next to it, so we would always walk through it on our way to Chinatown.

It's been so uncharacteristically sunny in Toronto recently. Dare I say... spring is coming?

B and I decided to go on a little Kensington Market adventure.

First up: Seven Lives.

It was 2pm, but it was still crazy packed. Then again, that couldn't be hard considering the space they occupied is super tiny. You enter, and you're already standing in the line to order (at least that was the case for us). There is one table to sit at, and everywhere else is [crowded] standing room.

They have less than 10 items on their menu, which they display on a hanging chalkboard.

Since we had plans to grab dessert afterwards, I only ordered 2 tacos. Good thing, because they turned out to be the heaviest tacos I'd ever seen-- they actually needed two tortillas to contain the weight of the filling.

Our food took about 5-10 minutes to get to us, so not too bad.

On the left is the Pulpo en Mole Verde (octopus), and the right is the Gobernador.

Left: octopus in green mole / Right: smoked tuna, shrimp, cheese

B chose the Baja Fish (left) and Gobernador as well.

Left: battered and deep fried mahi mahi w/ house sauce / Right: smoked tuna, shrimp, cheese

There were so many ingredients at play with each of these tacos, every bite was jam packed with flavour. I really liked my Pulpo en Mole Verde, which I ordered because I wanted to, of course, be adventurous (shocker, I know). 

We actually got surprisingly full! My only complaint would be that the juices from the tacos would drip out as you were eating them, and the basket they're served in didn't exactly do a good job of catching the drippage. 

I actually ended up having to wipe the table afterwards, but I'm sure that could have also been because we were eating with our jackets still on, trying to keep our tight spot in one of the standing areas.

I think I'd go as far to say that this is now my favourite taco place in the city.

They do have some weird hours though-- they're only open Wednesday to Sunday, from 12-7pm. Kind of a miss, since they'd be losing the dinner crowd, but it's still definitely worth a visit if you can find the time.

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