Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Like any other Torontonian last month, my roommate and I went to the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District.

She had never been, and I had only ever gone at night.

It was the day of my birthday, and we had some time to kill before my birthday dinner (see my last post).

It was a Saturday and it was super sunny outside, so naturally it was packed.

At one point we tried lining up at a Kinder booth, only to be denied once we got to the front as it was only for kids 12 year olds and under... Can't blame us for trying though, you got to take photo booth pics and get a massive Kinder egg!

My one main goal for our trip was to try Soma Chocolatemaker's hot chocolate. I've heard great things about it, and have been trying to find something in Toronto that matches the hot chocolate of Pret a Manger (why can't they open locations in Canada already?).

Once we found Soma, we had to wait in a line before we were allowed to be let in. I guess a lot of people had the same idea as me! After about 5-10 minutes, we were let inside where we were greeted by, yup you guessed it, another line.

One of the employees came around with menus so we could order first and then pay right when we got to the cash.

We both ordered their Classic Hot Chocolate, in a mug with milk.

I did some exploring while we waited for our turn to pay. The inside of the store also showcased their chocolate making "factory".

Tay Swift, anyone?

And now, the moment of truth!

Verdict? I was disappointed.

The first few sips I took tasted like... baked beans. Chocolate mixed with beans.

After a while it started tasting better, but I could never get that initial bean taste out of my mouth. I did like the consistency of it however. It had a medium level of thickness which I think is ideal for hot chocolate. My favourite part was the chocolate bits at the very bottom.

The hot chocolate was definitely a great pick me up for the cold winter outside. If anything, it helped warm our hands as we walked around the rest of the market.

I picked up a packet of their Mayan Hot Chocolate to try at home. I have always loved the combo of chili peppers and chocolate.

Although their Classic Hot Chocolate was a little bit of a miss, I do think I'll return one day to try some of their chocolates. Maybe I'll try the King West location next time. There shouldn't be lines there, right?

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  1. Ouuu! Did you try the mayan hot chocolate yet? Was it like the gelato?