Friday, October 31, 2014

the citizen

Toronto was experiencing some late fall patio weather (a month ago) and A, S, and I decided to take advantage of what would be one of the last nice warm nights of the year.

We headed to The Citizen for dinner and drinks.

They had happy hour where their house wines were $5/glass (yay happy hour!) so we each ordered a white or red to start. After a while quite a few mosquitoes decided to also join us, and since three is already a crowd, we asked to move inside.

Our server asked to ring up our wine bill outside first before bringing us inside. This was kind of weird to us at first, but afterwards we figured they just wanted to keep their tables organized.

Prior to this visit I had only been to The Citizen on Wednesday or Thursday nights (and in a not 100% sober state), so it was definitely strange to see the venue lit up and without all its clubgoers.

They did have a live band playing though which was interesting-- I personally did not think it went with the ambiance of the restaurant.

S and I chose The Citizen Burger, which was recommended by her coworkers.

I'm not really sure why they thought it was good, because this was hands down one of the worst burgers I have ever had.

The bun was wayyy too big for the patty, and there was nothing inside of this burger except coleslaw and a measly slice of cheese. The coleslaw added a bit of crunch to the burger but overall it was dry, tasteless, and just terrible.

Their one redeeming grace was the shoestring fries, which were decently seasoned and cooked.

8 oz burger, aged cheddar, coleslaw, charred scallion mayo, w/ fries

A went with the Lobster Roll and Spicy Shrimp.

The shrimp was good, but the lobster roll was a different story. The bun wasn't even warm or toasted in the slightest.

lobster, lettuce, kettle chip, brioche bun / shrimp, sweet chili lime sauce, pineapple salsa

A also wanted to order a side of fries with her dishes since they were all pretty small. Our server proceeded to ask her, "You want to order more food..?". Like whoa now, she wanted fries, not a side of judgement.

We had also asked numerous times for ketchup/mustard but our server was no where to be found.

Overall it was not a great experience at all. I will definitely not be returning for the food.

Stick with coming here as a night out on Thursday or the weekend. Avoid the food, and avoid the service.

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  1. Best line: "she wanted fries, not a side of judgement."