Wednesday, October 29, 2014

reds wine tavern

I recently had back surgery to correct my scoliosis (still debating whether I want to write a post about it, stay tuned).

My bffs and I wanted to have one last dinner before I would be heading off to the land of pain meds and hospital beds (and even more foreign: moving back in with my parents). 

We decided on the Adelaide West (First Canadian Place) location of Reds Wine Tavern.

The inside was a lot larger than what I thought it would be. The wooden beams and high ceilings made the space large but warm at the same time.

We were seated at the high tables on the lower level by the window, facing Adelaide and the outdoor patio.

While waiting for S, A and I discovered Reds-branded post it notes at the table which we started to doodle on. I was going to post what we drew as part of this blog post, but then realized that would expose us for the crazies that we are...

Once S arrived, we got to ordering!

As this would be one of my last (heavier) meals, I went for the Umami Burger, and upgraded my fries to truffle fries.

roasted shiitake mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, fresh parmesan crisp

A chose the Tandoori-Spiced Grilled Chicken Salad.

ancient grains, crisp cauliflower pakora, raisins, candied cashews, warm naan, ginger dressing

S got the Classic Cheeseburger.

topped w/ sharp canadian cheddar, w/ horseradish spiked special sauce and garden fresh produce

Overall everything was pretty standard. Not bad, but not amazing either. I would say skip the truffle fries upgrade-- they weren't really anything special, and the plain fries were already pretty good by themselves.

After some prodding by our server, we ended up caving and ordered dessert as well. Mainly because we wanted to sit and talk for longer, but also because: dessert.

This is the Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Drool with me now, will you?

We didn't have high expectations going into this dessert, but my oh my. Imagine chocolate mousse atop a rich chocolate ganache-y textured cake. Now eat it. This was better.

One thing I didn't care for though was the caramelized bananas (insert Jimmy Fallon's "ew!" here). But that's okay, because S and A gobbled them up.

milk chocolate mousse, cashew and caramelized banana

So while Reds Wine Tavern was overall a decent place for a decent meal, make sure you opt for the chocolate cake at the end-- you won't go wrong.

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