Thursday, August 7, 2014

sunday funday (for one)

Last last Sunday I decided to wander around Toronto by myself.

(Partly because my room mate had decided to go home, leaving me all by my lonesome...)

There's definitely something so liberating about walking around aimlessly with no set destination and all the time in the world.

I stopped by a few stores during my walk, hoping to find a few items I wanted to buy. Namely a new phone case (as if I don't have enough...) and a dress for my cousin's wedding in August.

No luck for the former, but SUCCESS! for the latter. (Now I just have to get a new pair of heels...)

A few hours later I ended up at Kekou Gelato House in Baldwin Village. K had told me they had Thai Iced Tea gelato, so obviously that meant I had to go try it out!

Kekou is a new "Asian-styled gelato house". They make gelato, but only serve Asian flavours (think Durian and Vietnamese Coffee).

Super blurry, super terrible creeper photo

I picked two flavours: Thai Iced Tea and HK Milk Tea.

I have to say the Thai Iced Tea was a little disappointing. It didn't even really taste like the drink at all. I would even say the Thai Iced Tea ice cream I had at the Wicked Spoon in Vegas was better! The HK Milk Tea was a different story, yum.

Since I was on Baldwin, I decided to stop by Noodle Face (blog post up soon) to pick up an order of their Old Beijing Style Zhajian Mian. I've been to Noodle Face once before with my mom, and this was my favourite dish!

With my gelato sitting in my stomach and noodle takeout in my hand, I slowly made my way back home. I got back right before it started thunderstorming (score) to find Big Brother would be on in 10 minutes (double score).

#sundayfunday at its best!

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