Sunday, August 17, 2014

saturday afternoon strolls

Saturdays in the city are the best.

Sunny Saturdays in the city are even better.

After a late night out the night before, B and I met up for some lunch on Queen West.

We had originally wanted to go to Lisa Marie, but we got there around 4pm and their kitchen didn't open again until 5pm. Being the starving kids we were, B suggested we head over to nearby Destingo.

They had a super cute patio, so we decided to sit outside.

While waiting for our food, we saw that the Bar Ape truck was across the street. They serve handmade gelato bars, and I have heard great things about them. After a quick search on Twitter, I learned that the bar they were serving for the day was Salted Caramel (uh, yes please). Unfortunately they drove away before we were done our meal... (booo).

B ordered the Shrimp Burger, which she thought was pretty decent.

I've never had a shrimp burger before, nor knew they existed. B said that the shrimp was just right, and not too overpowering in the burger. It also came with a side of Parmesan truffle fries, which tasted kind of like a classy version of McDonald's fries.

lettuce, local tomato, seafood aioli, red onion, pretzel bun

I went for the Insalate pizza.

This wasn't really what I was expecting; the prosciutto was a little too thick, and wasn't as flavourful as I had thought it'd be. I only finished half of the pizza because it got kind of soggy midway through.

prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, arugula, parmigiano

Destingo on Urbanspoon 

Since we didn't get our ice cream fix, we decided to head over to the oh so popular Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery.

As expected, the line was long. So long, that there were a few people who passed by and asked what we were in line for. Thirty minutes later, it was our turn to order.

There was a wall of tubs that displayed which flavours were available for that day.

There was also a poster which listed what you could use to sandwich the ice cream in between-- cookies, cream puffs, macaron shells, or HK egg waffles (gai dan jai, for all you Chinese speakers).

Being the hazelnut lover that I am, I went with Nocciola ice cream and the Everything cookie.

Everything cookie: two kids of chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate chips, oats

B went for the Burnt Toffee ice cream and Everything cookie.

The hype? It was all worth it. These bad boys were incredibly heavy (in weight) and super satisfying.

Next time I need to try the ice cream in the HK egg waffle cone. And the time after that, ice cream in between two macaron shells (yes, that is a thing).

Bang Bang Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

After we gobbled up our ice cream sandwiches, I bid adieu to B so she could meet her boyfriend.

As for me, I decided to head over to Trinity Bellwoods Park. This has been on my Toronto bucketlist for a while, although I didn't expect to be venturing there by myself.

It was the most relaxing thing, just being by myself and people watching.

I am absolutely in love with the Queen West and Ossington area! Definitely somewhere I would look into moving to in the future (although I do still love my condo!).

I've started to realize that I love spending time alone, and that one of my favourite things to do this summer is to take walks by myself.

Does this mean I'm, gasp, growing up?

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