Saturday, May 3, 2014

duke's refresher + bar

Sometimes you wake up after a night out and are just famished.

You just need to eat. Anything.

But you have no idea where to go.

And that's when you turn to a food account on Instagram, namely tastetoronto, or to_finest.

You look through all of the food and try not to drool on your pillow (because of course you are doing this while still lying in bed, too lazy to get up).

And then you find it.

A glorious picture of poutine. Or waffles. Or both.

"That's it! We are going there!", you exclaim.

And that is how Kat and I ended up at Duke's Refresher + Bar on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

A warm, inviting bar tucked away in a little corner at the intersection of Yonge & Gerrard. I'm not going to lie, we walked up and down Yonge a few times before we actually found the place.

We were greeted by a friendly bartender who told us to sit wherever we wanted to.

The decor in the bar reminded me of a cozy cabin.

Exposed brick, chandeliers, and scattered signs and antlers made for a unique setting.

We looked through the menu to find what drew us here in the first place-- the "Shameless Waffle". Turns out this was a breakfast item, and that they had a special list of other unique twists on breakfast as well.

Buffalo chicken hash, breakfast poutines, and boozy brunch milkshakes? Uh yes please!

I went for the Shameless Waffle. I mean, who can say no to fresh waffles piled with blueberry whipped cream?! Kat chose the Breakfast Poutine.

Look. at. this.

malty waffles, fresh berries, blueberry whipped cream, almonds, dried fruit

And the sheer size of it. Bigger than my hand!

Now typically after a night out, even if I'm starving, I am never able to eat that much. I just start to get sick of whatever I'm eating and can't finish it.

Naturally, that happened with these waffles. I got through half before the whipped cream started sogging up the waffles and I just couldn't bring myself to have another bite.

Don't get me wrong, these waffles were amazing, but they can definitely be split with a friend.

Same went for Kat's poutine.

Look at this smiley little guy.

Or should I say smiley big guy?

Because this portion was ginormous. Ginormous, but oh so delicious.

The waitress came by and said she was impressed with how much we finished of each dish.

We didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or otherwise...

If you're ever in the area, Duke's Refresher + Bar is a definite must go. The food is excellent, the portions large, and the prices even better.

I've also heard that if you stay at the bar past midnight, you can get a stamp and get a discount for breakfast the next day. The more crazy the body part (ie. your face), the higher the discount ;)

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  1. We were there last night ... you're right, the portions are huge!