Friday, March 14, 2014

bar italia

One more Winterlicious post to go (beyond late, as per usual Vivian fashion...)!

My mom wanted to do a last minute Winterlicious (reminder: this was back in February), so we pulled up the list of available restaurants on OpenTable and after short deliberation, we decided to go to Bar Italia.

The name itself reminds me of a song that my friends and I would play when we spent our semester abroad, whilst preparing for our Italy trip.

"In Italia", by Fabri Fibra - (Feel free to click through and listen to the song as you read this post...)

There were a few other places I would've preferred to check out, but my mom was adamant that we must go somewhere where parking was not hard to find, and also close to my aunt's place.

So off we went to the little Italian restaurant that has called Little Italy its home since 1967.

It was pretty empty (correction: it was empty) when we got there since it was 3pm and definitely not peak lunch time.

Because of that, our server gave us her full attention which was definitely a plus.

Unfortunately the Winterlicious 2014 menus have been taken down from the website so I do not have the exact names of the dishes for you...

I did remember that the bread came with balsamic + olive oil for dipping, but it came already pre-combined. I've always had the option to mix my own concoction, so that was a little strange to me.

I chose the soup of the day to start. I can't even remember what kind of soup it was right now... Sorrry.

It wasn't all too flavourful though, and I remember it needing pepper. Lots of it.

Mother went with the bruschetta, which had beets and some sort of cheese (Goat cheese? Gorgonzola? No idea).

Veal sandwiches and pasta were next.

We didn't particularly like any of these dishes. The veal sandwich was a little on the dry side, and the pasta was just... normal.

I was super excited about the dessert because they had tiramisu and torte di cioccolata.

Mother got a cappuccino to go with her cake as well. She's a bit of a cappuccino/latte lover.

The tiramisu was a bit of a bust, I typically like my tiramisus on the more creamy side, but this one had more cake.

The torte di cioccolata, however, was a whole different ballgame.

The richest, most decadent, chocolate-y, slice of heaven.

I have always loved dark chocolate and chocolate ganache, and this was like a smooth, amazing combination of the two.

Absolute perfection.

I apologize for the lackluster blog post, but I wouldn't say you're missing much. Bar Italia was pretty lackluster in itself, and was nothing super exciting or special. I would say skip this one and head to somewhere that's a little more lively!

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  1. I read this quote recently: "I wish my boyfriend looked at me like how I look at chocolate cake."

    So relevant.