Monday, February 10, 2014

the thompson diner

A few weeks ago, S asked me to lunch so I could meet her friend that was visiting from the States.

Of course it was snowing and cold that day, but because I am an awesome friend, I decided to make the trek to her side of town.

We went to the Thompson Diner for lunch and so I could better get to know this friend of hers.

The Thompson Diner is located at none other than, yes you guessed it, the Thompson Hotel.

A classy, modern take on the traditional American diner, the restaurant serves a variety of different classic diner options, but with a refined twist. It is also open 24 hours, which is a bonus for those post-bar cravings.

S's friend ordered the Tricolour Burger with turkey and wrapped in lettuce because he's a health nut. I did not even know lettuce wrapped burgers were a thing! It does get quite messy though, so beware (#healthnutproblems). 

w/ spinach, tomato, mozzarella

S and I both ordered the West Coast Burger, but I got mine with sweet potato fries.

w/ spinach, jalapeno jack cheese, crisp onions

Overall these were delicious-- juicy, flavourful, and filling. A bit on the overpriced side though for what they're worth.

As for S's friend? He turned out pretty alright.

I did however get lost finding the bathrooms. No joke. I ended up in the lobby of the Thompson Hotel and wandered around for a good 5 minutes. Good going, Vivian. It's nothing new though, I am probably the most directionally challenged person you'll ever meet.

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