Tuesday, February 4, 2014

north 44

You know when you think something is in one place but really it's not?

Well that was us, about North 44. Turns out the restaurant is in Midtown, and not in the downtown core like we had originally thought. Why is Yonge such a long street?

The cool, grey metal exterior of the restaurant was nothing like the warm, yellow tones of inside, which exuded a comfortable elegance. The dining room also featured an exposed kitchen where all the chefs and cooking were visible.

K and I had gone to Bymark for Winterlicious last year and had a really great experience so we expected nothing less of Mark McEwan for his other restaurant!

Of course we ordered a bottle of wine to start -

And then we ordered our dishes.

We both ordered the most amazing Crab and Cauliflower Chowder. Everything about this soup was so creamy and flavourful. The croutons were nice and crisp despite floating in the soup, and the corn and dried parsley really enhanced the overall flavours of the dish. A perfect start to our meal.

w/ sweet corn, buttered croutons, crisp parsley

Because I decided not to be adventurous, I got the Grilled USDA Prime Striploin (5oz), and K got the Roasted Mushroom Chicken Ballantine. Out of these two, I'm going to have to say K chose the winner here.  

served w/ roasted brussel and scallop potatoes

curried vegetable tangine, okra and coriander

I went with the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert. 

I never used to be a fan of this dish, but ever since I've become a MasterChef fanatic and learned that it is Gordon Ramsay's favourite dessert, my tastebuds have suddenly developed an affinity for it. Coincidence? Perhaps. 

I'm just glad Gordon Ramsay has opened my eyes to how good this cake can be, because this one was delicious.

w/ prunes, dates, vanilla cream, hot toffee sauce

Winter Verrine, K's dessert even though she doesn't like pumpkin. Pumpkin doesn't really taste how you think it would though, so this was better than she thought it would be. 

layers of spiced pumpkin cake, creme fraiche ice cream, milk chocolate sauce, praline

Overall the food was good, but the portions were a little small. The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice and the waiters were friendly and always nearby to refill our water and wine glasses.

Am I likely to make the trip to North 44 again? I doubt it. But this is just because I am lazy and the restaurant is a little further than what I'm used to. If I had a car, or was in the area, then that would be a different story.

On a side note, did you notice all my photos were signficantly clearer and brighter than my usual pics? I finally decided to lug my camera out, yay!

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