Saturday, February 1, 2014

dessert before dinner, never been thinner

Okay, that's probably not true... but hey, it rhymed.

Anyway, it is officially Winterlicious season! Yippee!

What better way to start off my slew of reservations with none other than Sassafraz, everyone's favourite yellow-coloured house nestled in the heart of Yorkville?

Our reservation was at 8:30, so to kill some time, B and I wandered the streets of Yorkville and ended up at MoRoCo Chocolat.

The minute I stepped in, I was reminded of Angelina's in Paris.

Like Angelina's, we were greeted by rows of macarons and various displays of chocolate (even chocolate high heels!). Past the sweet-smelling storefront was the luxuriously decorated dining room, complete with dark purples (which I loved, obviously), white accents, and plush velvet-upholstered chairs.

In short, this was the interior of  my dream house.

Wall of Fame - chocolate hand prints of celebrities who had visited the restaurant!

Although we had dinner reservations, we decided to live a little and have dessert before dinner (and then dessert again, of course).

We were immediately drawn to The S'mores on the menu.

This was only my second time ever having s'mores. The first one I ever had was one my roommate had made me using the microwave a few summers back. Sad, right? I'm still waiting on the day I get to go to a bonfire and try the real deal!


This was such a cute idea on MoRoCo's part-- B and I had fun roasting the marshmallows and piling our graham crackers with the chocolate and caramel sauces they provided. 

I definitely recommend MoRoCo for dessert; the restaurant itself is so cute and they have a few other options on their menu which sound absolutely to die for. Chocolate fondue, anyone?

MoRoCo on Urbanspoon

At this point we were both on a bit of a sugar high and knew our appetites had been ruined, but we still rolled on over to nearby Sassafraz for our first Winterlicious dinner.

I was still not super hungry, so I started off with soup. B went for the Quebec Baked Brie and Cambozola

red pepper & smoked tomato, adobo cream, chive

phyllo wrapped, truffled honey, pink peppercorn strawberry compote

The brie was amazing. I stole a piece from B's plate and it was just so darn good. I am a huge fan of brie, especially when baked, so I was definitely kicking myself for not ordering this one. I blame the chocolate.

For our mains, I chose the Lovell Springs Natural Trout. I'm not quite sure what came over me, because I don't like fish and never have. I didn't love the dish but I didn't hate it either, so I'll count that as a win in my books. Plus, the mash on the side was super creamy and delicious as well.

crispy hominy, dill pommes puree, broccolini, carrot emulsion

B got the Cornish Hen because she had never had hen before and was feeling adventurous. Look at that portion!

winter stuffed squash, polenta, vintage cheddar, wild mushrooms, golden pearl onions, sauce Perigueux

And for dessert--

Raspberry Cream Roulade and Gotham City Cheese. I can't say I've ever picked a cheese plate for dessert as long as there was something chocolate-y on the menu (the third option was a chocolate cake), but it seems the s'mores really did a number on me. 

Our waiter was actually so surprised that we chose the non-chocolate option and said that we were the first table where nobody ordered the cake for dessert!

dulce de leche, poppy seed meringue

fruit compotes, house flatbread

Overall our service took 3 hours. Kind of ridiculous, but B and I were so caught up in our conversations that it didn't bother us too much. Our waiter and the manager did both come by to apologize numerous times about the slow service however, and since their food was so good, we'll forgive them this time.

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