Sunday, February 16, 2014


Let me first say, Bent is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to, no question.

Opened by the infamous Susur Lee and his sons, Bent serves Asian-fusion cuisine and is located on Dundas West.

I have never been to Lee, but for some reason Bent was one of my "must get reservations for" restaurants this Winterlicious.

Our reservations were for 9pm, so I first met up with S and we stopped by Gusto 101 for wine and their Tuscan fries (click here for my Gusto 101 review).

Happily tipsy and housing a serving of fries in our stomachs, we cabbed our way to Bent.

It was still pretty packed for a 9pm seating on a Tuesday.

(Taken at the end of my meal around 11pm, hence a bit empty)

We decided to continue drinking and ordered some a few cocktails.

A glass of Riesling for me and the Burnt Orange Manhattan for S.

It was too strong, even for her (she's normally a tank), so our waiter put a ball of ice in it.

I love these things. Balls of ice? Best inventions ever.

She still didn't like it so she ended up getting a glass of Sauvignon instead. Our waiter probably hated us but he was super nice about it.

To start our meal, I picked the Black Pepper Charred Salmon.

I'm normally not a fan of raw fish unless it's in maki rolls, but this was absolutely amazing. Hands down one of my favourite appetizers, ever. There was a little too much dill, but nothing a bit of shaking off couldn't do.

It also came with a side of spicy salmon tartare served with fried wontons, which was equally as amazing.

fennel-chili relish, pumpkin seed oil, toasted pumpkin seed, pomegranate

S got the Kale + Tofu Salad, with the tofu on the side because she is normally not a fan of it. She was equally as pleased with her salad as I was with my salmon, and surprisingly even enjoyed her tofu!

kale, marinated miso tofu, heirloom tomatoes, grated Asian pear, gobo, ginger, crispy seaweed, sesame dressing

We were scared for our main course because we had such high expectations after our appetizers...

But we soon learned that we didn't really have anything to worry about, because the entree, like our salmon and salad, was also amazing.

We both ordered the Short Rib Cannelloni Gratinee.

Short rib. Pasta. Cheese. Is there ever a better combination?

(The answer is no.)

red pepper & garlic sauce, gorgonzola crumble

Pleasantly full, we moved onto our last course of the meal.

There was no internal debate over what to pick for this one, because there was only one option.

A duo, at that.

A Vanilla Panna Cotta with Velvet Chocolate Coriander Mousse, and a Crispy Hot Apple Purse.

The perfect ending to a perfect meal.

The panna cotta provided a smooth contract to the crispy warmness of the apple purse.

Panna cotta - Ontario apricot preserve, latte foam, homemade rice crisp, raspberry coulis
Apple purse - w/ cinnamon, double cream

Susur Lee, you hit the jackpot with this one.

And I will definitely be back.

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