Wednesday, January 1, 2014

twenty fourteen

(and Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!)

I rung in the new year at Arcadian Court in Toronto with my bff, S. Unfortunately we did not take many pictures, and the ones we did take didn't turn out so well, so this will be a mainly-text post.

Here is a super low quality photo

My night consisted of drinks, dancing, people, and popcorn.

Yes, they had little boxes of popcorn for people to snack on and of course the second I smelled the scent of freshly popped corn, I made it my mission to go find where they were giving them out.

We also bumped into a lot of people from university that we hadn't seen in a while so it was fun seeing them again and catching up!

After we left Arcadian Court, we met up with some other friends at a karaoke bar (don't ask...) where we channeled our inner Beyonces and sang to our hearts' content. To end off the night we made an obligatory stop at McDonald's to indulge in some super greasy fast food. After all, no night is complete without post-bar junk food!

It's so weird writing a post with no photos so I'm going to make this a short one and end it here.

Have a great 2014, make it the best year yet!

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