Monday, January 27, 2014

playa cabana

Playa? Did somebody say the beach?

It has been absolutely freezing and snowy here in Toronto these past few weeks. I don't really mind this weather, unlike a few of my friends who absolutely despise it, but I would still be down to fly to somewhere warm if given the chance.

Since I don't currently have that option, we decided to go to a different kind of playa instead-- Playa Cabana, on Dupont Street. 

It was a cozy little space, a warm change from the cold temperatures of outside.

There were so many options on the menu that we took like 10 minutes to decide.

But as always, we started with guac and chips! I'm slowly warming up to the idea of guacamole... still not my favourite thing in the world, but this guac was fresh, and we ordered it spicy so there was a kick of heat in every bite. Not bad!

S chose the Playa Burrito, with ancho-braised steak. Look how colourful it is!

I got the Tacos de Pescado, Baja style. I'm fish taco obsessed, remember?

white fish of the day, battered with Tecate-cerveza

And V got the Tacos de Carnitas.

slow gently roasted pork, soft corn tortillas

If you're looking for a cute little place for some decent tacos and great service, Playa Cabana is for you! It was relatively busy for a Sunday afternoon, but I'm assuming it gets even more packed during the evenings.

There are also a few other locations in the Playa Cabana chain, the newest of which is a Mexican-Korean fusion. Cool, right? Super unique and definitely on my list of next places to try!

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