Sunday, January 5, 2014

22, part 2

Since I was turning 22, it only made sense to have a 2nd birthday dinner (you know, keeping with the "2" theme).

Totally necessary picture of Taylor Swift in her "22" music video

This dinner technically happened before New Years (my birthday was December 20th) but you know how slow I am with my food posts...

We went to Patria on King West for dinner. It's a place that you can easily miss unless you know where to look. The entrance to the restaurant is somewhat hidden, but once you walk through the doors (and curtains) you are transported into the most amazing warm, high-ceiling, Spanish-but-not-Spanish restaurant you'll ever see.

There were butcher knives hanging on the walls. Crazy ceiling light structures. A sky high wine rack. A wall that looks like a crocheted handkerchief. Waiters who spoke with a Spanish accent.

Awesome, right? And to think I haven't even gotten to their food!

The dishes at Patria are served tapas style, so we ordered a few to share.

Croquetas de Manchego. So so good, the perfect combination of a crisp outer shell and smooth mashed potatoes inside.

leek + manchego croquettes + aioli

D.O. Murcia Al Vino. This cheese is named the "Drunken Goat" as it is immersed and aged for 75 days in Murcian wine. The little sliver of red on top of the cheese is a quince jam. Also delicious.

Spanish Octopus. I've probably only had octopus maybe twice in my life, it's neither a food I love or dislike. These little octopus chunks, on a bed of potato and olive oil, were simply divine.

octopus w/ potato, paprika, olive oil

S wasn't too excited about this dish as she doesn't like seafood. But of course we made her try it and she surprisingly liked it! She didn't have more than one piece though, which just meant more for us! ;)

Her first time trying octopus!

Patatas Bravas con Huevos Fritos. The dish originally came nicely plated with the potatoes on the bottom and the fried egg sitting nicely on top. However before I could take a photo, the waiter started mixing it up for us and it turned out to look like this. It kind of reminds me of a breakfast platter to be honest, but it was still pretty good. Not my favourite of the bunch, but S and Kat really enjoyed it.

crispy potato + spicy tomato + fried egg

Broccolini con Ajo Blanco y Ajo Frito. The best broccoli I have ever had in my life, hands down. How can someone make broccoli taste so darn good?! This is a must try.

Pimientos Rellenos de Buey. Oxtail and manchego stuffed peppers, served sitting in a pool of liquid (not sure what it was... leftover pepper juice perhaps?)

piquillo peppers + oxtail + manchego

Now no matter how much I eat, I will always have room for dessert. It's like a separate compartment in my stomach.

Churros con Dulce de Leche. I love love love churros. Ever since having them at the Christmas Markets in Paris, I have been hooked! These were a little more crispy than I liked, but they were served with an amazing dulce de leche.

spanish doughnuts + cinnamon sugar + dulce de leche

Helado de Cafe con Crema de Especias Ymermelada de Aceitunas Negras. This dessert caught our eye on the menu because it involved black olive marmalade (sorry, what?). We decided to be adventurous and ordered it, not expecting much.

Low and behold, it turned out to be even better than the churros! The marmalade just meshed so well with the other flavours of the dessert. It was crispy, sweet, and light all at the same time. The perfect spanish ice cream sandwich, if you will.

coffee ice cream + black olive marmalade + spice cream + nut wafer

I don't have enough good things to say about this place. All of their food was just that amazing.

With that being said, next time you're on King West, make sure you give Patria a try. Oh, and order a pitcher of sangria while you're at it, it's considered one of the best in the city!

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