Saturday, December 14, 2013

night at the museum

What happens at the Royal Ontario Museum at night when all the visitors are gone and the building is closed for the night?

Well aside from the statues and mummies coming to life, the people of Toronto come to play. 

Every Friday for a few weeks of each season, the ROM holds its Friday Night Live event. You pay $12 for a ticket and get the privilege of visiting the museum after hours, from 7-11PM. You are free to roam the museum and its exhibits until around 9:30. Then it's only you, your friends, and the 3 D's-- drinks, a DJ, and a dinosaur.

The tail of the dinosaur. Which I thought was the head. Don't ask.

You can purchase ROM bucks which you need in order to purchase food or drinks, such as the cupcakes pictured below (drool).

I have wanted to go to the ROM for a while since I haven't been there since high school, so this was a perfect opportunity (and price) to make the trip! Unfortunately we got there pretty late so we didn't get to explore the rest of the museum.

The fall season for Friday Night Live is now over, but it (along with I) will be returning in the Spring with a whole bunch of new dates to choose from.

Besides, where else can you have a drink with a million year old dinosaur?

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