Saturday, December 7, 2013

gourmet food and wine expo

Any event with the words 'food', and 'wine', coupled with 'gourmet' should be music to any food lover's ears, right?

...Not quite.

S and I thought it would be an amazing event so we bought tickets and made the trek to the Metro Convention Centre where it was held. Little did we know, we would wait 2 hours before even seeing one glass of wine. The line into the event was ridiculous, and wrapped around the whole convention centre (which was huge, by the way). 

We thought about leaving a few times and heading elsewhere to dinner, but ultimately decided to stick with it. At 9PM we finally got to the front of the line and bought our sample tickets.

There were so many different booths set up, with different aisles for different things-- there was a section for hard liquor, numerous aisles for wine, and various food sections. The expo was packed with people eager to try as many drinks and dishes as they could, with many of them quite intoxicated by the time we got there.

We each picked up our own wine glass (free to take home! ..which we did, of course) and made our way through the crowd.

The drinks usually ranged from 1-4 sample tickets ($1-4), while the food usually went for 4-6 tickets ($4-6).

Here are some of the things we chose to try:

One of the best sangrias I've ever tried! Can't remember the name of the booth though.



Strawberry daiquiris (super delish!)

Aged sipping tequila

Sipping tequila. Is that just me, or is that sort of an oxymoron?

As much as I love tequila, I could not "sip" this, at all. The woman at the booth said it was just like sipping bourbon or scotch... but no. This was much worse. We ended up taking them as shots and chasing with our daiquiris. Maybe this could be someone else's cup of tea, but I'm definitely not at that level yet.

Was this event crazy hectic? Yes. Crazy packed? Yes.

Would I go again? Tough call. It was our fault that we chose to go so late, hence the super long line, but if I were to go next time, I would definitely make sure I left the house at like 1PM to avoid any lines!

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