Friday, December 13, 2013

el catrin

To end off our visit at the Christmas market, K and I grabbed dinner at El Catrin. We waited around 45 minutes before we got seated on their heated patio.

They also have a normal/indoor restaurant but it was only open to those with reservations.

The most gorgeous decor!

Now back to the patio...

Since it was freezing out, we were given blankets to snuggle up and warm our legs with.

We ordered a pitcher of sangria as we perused the menu to determine our food options.

Sangria de la Casa
(red wine, Duff Gordon brandy, fresh fruit)

To start, we got their Baja tacos, which in my opinion was the best dish of the night. I normally don't like fish but I really think fish tacos are starting to grow on me! 

crispy fried haddock, chipotle lime coleslaw, flour tortilla

They were followed by a few Sudados tacos (which I was not a huge fan of)

corn tortilla filled with morita chili beef stew steamed
in banana leaf, w/ pork crackling, purple onion, cilantro

And the Cochinita Pibil, which I unfortunately did not care much for as well.

pork brisket braised 24 hrs w/ axiote and orange juice, slow roasted in banana leaf,
served w/ black bean puree, queso cotija, habanero and red onion pickle and corn tortilla

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the guac! Because that's exactly what happened at the restaurant. We had ordered it for before the tacos but it never came so we forgot about it. 


It (+ our waitress) eventually came, as fresh as you can get it. The waitress actually mashed up the avocado for us table-side.

Guacamole en la Mesa
avocado, tomato, onion, fresh cilantro, serrano chili

Did I like the guacamole? Nope. I do not like avocados (can you tell I'm a picky eater?) but I had some really good guac at Valdez (post coming soon) so I thought I'd give this one a shot. Fortunately for me, K is a huge avocado fan so she ate the majority of it. And I ate the tortilla chips.

Verdict? The atmosphere of the restaurant is the most inviting part, whereas our food got cold pretty quickly due to the fact that we were sitting outside, ultimately making the dishes pretty unappetizing.

We ended up staying at the restaurant for 3 hours, just chatting away and catching up. I think I would definitely return sometime in the summer as this would be a cute little spot to have a few drinks and watch the sunset. But in terms of a winter visit, be sure to make reservations and eat inside to avoid cold food (and frostbite)!  

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  1. LOL at watching the sunset heh
    We (+2 others) will be back for that one day! <3