Sunday, November 24, 2013

last of the great pretenders

Matt Nathanson is one of my favourite artists, so when I saw that he was making a stop in Toronto for his Last of the Great Pretenders tour, I just had to buy tickets!

The concert was held at the Danforth Music Hall, a smaller venue that I had never been to before.

C and I had originally gotten balcony tickets because we were unsure if we would be able to get to the concert on time, so we wanted to ensure that we got seats if anything. Luckily we ended up getting there with plenty of time to spare, and snuck onto the general admisson floor instead!

I originally had never heard of Joshua Radin until I saw that he was the opener for Matt Nathanson. I obviously had to check him out, and I am so glad I did! His voice and music are perfect for those cold winter nights where all you want to do is sit by the fire.

...Not that I have a working fireplace, but you know what I mean.

Before Joshua Radin played 'My My Love', he opened up the floor to a man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend at the concert. It was so cute! I had never seen a proposal happen in real life before, so it made it all that much sweeter.

There's something about artists who sound even better live than they do on their studio albums, and both Matt Nathanson and Joshua Radin definitely fall into this category.

It's also interesting to see artists play live because of all the little things they do while performing. Matt would do these strangle little wiggles with his body which were just funny and added to his quirkiness.

There were also two young kids at this concert, so every time he wanted to mention something about making, he would have to do so with metaphors and the crowd was absolutely dying of laughter every time.

Overall it was a perfect night of amazing music by two dreamy voices!

Below I have included links to a few of my favourite songs by the two awesome artists, so be sure to check them out! 

{ Matt Nathanson }

{ Joshua Radin }

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