Friday, October 18, 2013

greek gods and foreign tourists

The last time I was in Athens was not too long ago, last October to be exact. I was only there for a few hours, and it was one of the most hectic trips of my exchange (see the post from my travel blog here). This time I had a few more hours to spare, so I got to better explore the Acropolis and the Plaka (something I didn’t have time to see last time!).

It was ridiculously hot in Athens the day we went, so my dad decided to bust out our super Asian fans. I was against using them at first but it got so hot that I didn’t even care anymore. 

There were sooo many tourists this time at the Acropolis. Turn to your right, BAM, a person. Walk a step forward, BAM, a person. It was so crowded and filled with people eagerly snapping photos or walking into yours. I was just glad I’d seen it all before so I wasn’t too concerned with getting to all the different buildings. Oh and did I mention I also got in for free here as well? Because I did. In total I saved around 40 euros over the duration of the trip because of my ISIC card, woohoo J

Gotta love photobombs!

To cool off this time, I found a little greek froyo place. I had wanted to try it when I was in Santorini last year but didn't get the chance. Was it worth all my excitement? Not exactly. It didn't taste too different from normal froyo here in Canada, although it was made with greek yogurt. I got original and pineapple frozen yogurt, and fresh strawberries and mango for toppings.

After being to Athens twice in less than a year, I think it's safe to say I wouldn't mind not going back again anytime soon. Or at all, really. The next time I go back to Greece, it will definitely be to somewhere in the Greek isles.

Mykonos, anyone?

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