Monday, October 21, 2013

ahoy, matey

My sister and I’s favourite part of At Sea days (and just being back on the ship after a port day) was lying on the pool chairs by the sea. I used to think I was one of those people who could not just spend a whole week lying by the beach (I crave adventure..?), but after this trip, I can confidently say I would not mind just lying by the sun and ocean, reading my newest book. Pure heaven.

For those who know me, they know that I HATE getting dark. Don’t get me wrong, I love tanning and feeling the sun on my skin, it’s just I hate the actual getting a tan part. I’m naturally tan, and tan suuuper easily, so whenever I spend even 30 mins in the sun, I’m bound to get at least 2 shades darker.

Once we had enough of the sun, we would make our way back inside and partake in other cruise ship activities. Like going to shows, exploring, bingo, and most importantly, eating.

Pina coladas

Following dinner we would head to our entertainment for the night, a nightly show, and after that we would eat, again (yup, you heard right). We started a post-show tradition of getting buffalo wings every single night after the show. Delicious? Yes. Bad for you? Also yes.

The show on the last night

Back in our rooms, we would settle down and get ready for bed. Apparently there were limited movie options on the ship, because midway through the trip, they started to replay movies on the TV in our room. Their roster was comprised of Oblivion, The Croods, Oz the Great and Powerful, Beautiful Creatures, Iron Man 3, Skyfall, and 42. By the fifth night they had replayed Oblivion 4 times, so I actually opted to watch a movie in French instead.

Gotta love going back to your room and seeing these on your bed!

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  1. Loving these photos!
    Makes me want to go on a cruise STAT.
    That, and eat.