Sunday, June 16, 2013


Last night I attended the second of the two Taylor Swift concerts at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. She had played another show the night before, and is currently still in Toronto for the MMVAs! There were soo many people at the concert... 45,000 to be exact. 45,000 people x 2 nights = 90,000. 90 freaking thousand people over a span of two days. Unnnreal.

Let me back up a little first before talking about the actual show. C and I headed downtown early because we wanted to grab dinner before the show at Khao San Road (will blog about this in another post later on), but when we got there, it was CLOSED. We got there at 4:30 and it was closed between 2:30-5pm. I was so depressed, I had been craving Khao San and their Thai iced tea for soo long. We then decided to go to another Thai place I liked, Thai Princess, but surprise surprise, that was closed too. We finally ended up at O&B Canteen at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. I ordered the Grate Canadian Grilled Cheese and C ordered the Chicken ABC sandwich.

Grate Canadian Grilled Cheese
Niagara Gold, prosciutto, arugula, thyme mayonnaise

Chicken ABC
apple cider mayonnaise, maple bacon, cheddar

The grilled cheese was really good for the first 7 bites, until the bread got a little dry and overwhelming so I had to balance it out with bites of salad in between. It's quite different from the typical grilled cheese sandwich, but definitely a welcome change.

After our early dinner we headed over to the Rogers Centre where there were packs and packs of girls (and some boys) decked out in homemade or store-bought Taylor Swift gear. 

Our seats were in the 100 level, and were actually a lot closer than I thought they would be. I had originally not been able to get tickets to the show since I tried getting them while in Paris and I guess my Parisian internet connection hated me or something because everything was sold out within minutes. I was so so sad, until C's brother gave her tickets for her birthday and she asked if I wanted to go with her. So a big big big thank you goes out to C. Lav you! :)


Joel Crouse and Austin Mahone were the first two opening acts, neither of which I cared for. It was only when Ed Sheeran came on that the show actually started for me. Ed is so so talented and was beyond amazing for the songs he performed. During his later performance with Taylor Swift, he changed his shirt and rocked a Jays shirt instead! Amazing.

A little blurry but you can still see the Jays logo :)

Finally it was Taylor's turn!

All the sparkly lights in the stadium. So pretty!

Taylor is, and always will be, my favourite singer. Her lyrics are always so real and applicable to life, and her concerts are always so magical. There are always so many moving parts and they are always so theatrical and perfect. However I would have to say I did like her Speak Now tour better than the RED tour, but I think that's mainly because I liked her Speak Now album more than RED.


Overall I had soo much fun and it is a night I will never ever forget! 

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