Monday, June 10, 2013

big city, bright lights

This is my first post in months... eek! Looks like I dropped the ball on updating this thing again, sorry! But I'm posting now, so that's what matters :)

This past weekend I attended the Grad Ball for my program. Although I have not had my convocation yet, this was for all the people who had graduated earlier in the day. The venue was decorated beautifully to the theme of "Big City, Bright Lights".

It was so good seeing people all dressed up, a huge change from normal summer attire. I opted for a long printed dress with curled hair and a simple gold bangle as my outfit for the evening.

Girls at the pre-party

Selfies are a must
Note: my photos are going to start becoming lower and lower quality... ever since I got my iPhone, my actual cameras have not seen the light of day!

There was only 5 people at my table as opposed to the average 9, so that only meant one thing.... extra food and wine for us! I got to steal an extra portion of the mushroom soup appetizer, until the servers realized there were only 5 of us so stopped bringing out food for the other table settings.. boo. I guess it was okay though because the food just kept going downhill. The menu consisted of a somewhat decent mushroom soup (with A LOT of mushrooms in it... yuck), a garden salad with balsamic vinagrette, a very dry chicken breast for an entree, and a white chocolate brownie-sponge cake type thing for dessert which I didn't eat. At the end I was still pretty hungry but hey, food is usually not the forte of these kind of nights anyway, right?

Missed these boys!

There was a photobooth at the event, which I think was one of my favourite things of the night. We went to get our photos done 4 different times. They had many funny props which we definitely used to the fullest.


After Grad Ball we headed over to the on campus restaurant/bar, Wilf's, to continue the party. Overall it was a fantastic night filled with friends, food, and drinks!

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