Saturday, February 2, 2013

raptors vs clippers

Yesterday evening I attended my first ever basketball game!! I went with my best friend, A. We had originally picked the Raptors vs Clippers game because we wanted to see Lamar Odom (don't judge), and did not know the Clippers were the best in the league at the time. After talking to a few people, we quickly learned we had actually picked a really good game to attend, so yay for us!

Last night was the debut of Rudy Gay as a Raptor. He played phenomenally the whole night, and the crowd was crazy for him! My personal fave is Landry Fields though (don't hate me). So when I found out he had been traded from the Knicks to the Raptors, I obviously had to go to a game and see him!

Landry ♥

Blake Griffin

In the end, the Raptors won. They beat the best team in the league. By a 25 point lead. How?? So glad I got to watch the game live! However, WE DID NOT GET FREE PIZZA (Pizza Pizza gives out free pizza if the Raptors score over 100 pts). Yes, I am upset. 2pts away from free pizza... I'm sad.

Final score: 98-73

On the bright side, I did get a free shirt (even though it's XL but that's okay). Yay for free stuff :)

 After this game, I think I'm officially a basketball fan! The players, the strategy, the energy -- it's all so fun and interesting! I can't wait for my next basketball game: March 1 for the Raptors vs the Pacers. See you then, ACC.

Fave pic of the night: Raptor swallowing a security guard's head


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