Saturday, January 5, 2013

so guu'd

Guu Izakaya is a favourite amongst a lot of my friends, so last night B and I decided to give it a try since we were in Toronto.

There was a 45 minute wait so we put down our name and phone number then headed over to a nearby Starbucks to hang out until our table was ready. The wait ended up being much shorter, and we were informed of this via a text they sent to my phone, which was pretty cool!

We returned to the restaurant where we were placed in a heated waiting area for a few more minutes, then brought out to the restaurant where the entire staff of the restaurant began shouting and yelling Japanese phrases at us (which I assume were along the lines of "hello" and "welcome").

Guu is a Japanese tapas place where you can order small dishes, so we chose 6 dishes and chowed down.

Nasu Miso - deep fried eggplant w/ sweet miso sauce
(my fave!)
Okonomiyaki - deep fried japanese pancake w/ squid, tonkatsu sauce, karashi mayo
Yakiudon - pan fried udon noodles w/ beef, mushrooms, scallion
(also a fave!)
Scallop & King Oyster Mushroom - pan fried bacon wrapped scallop and king
oyster mushroom w/ soy sauce & karashi mayo
Oden - squid & fish cake, bamboo shoot, taro jelly
Karubi - grilled salt & pepper beef short ribs w/ scallion sauce
Frozen grapes?
The lovely B

The whole restaurant was very warm, friendly, and just a happy place to be, especially to escape the cold Toronto night!

Guu Izakaya on Urbanspoon

After dinner we had wanted to find a nice dessert place to go to, but after a few failed (but hilarious) attempts to find one by asking Siri, we decided to head over to Real Sports Bar to meet up with our friends instead. We spent the night catching up over food and drinks while watching the Lakers vs. Clippers game.

Overall a pretty solid Friday night!

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