Thursday, January 3, 2013

baking reunion

The best friendships are the kinds where you can go months without seeing each other, and then start back up right where you left off when you meet up again. 

I was finally reunited with the girls, and we did something that is now pretty much tradition whenever we meet up after not seeing each other for a long time -- we baked. The theme of the day was slutty brownies and cinnamon rolls (click for link to respective recipes).

We took to C's new renovated kitchen where we set up shop.

Our Oreo knock offs

Trying to soften the butter...

We decided to add to the mood by searching for some baking playlists on 8tracks and Songza, but we eventually ended up using a house music playlist instead. After all, it was a [baking] party!

End result: didn't turn out exactlyy how they were supposed to

End result! Photo is of unglazed rolls
(For the frosting, we combined 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup butter, 1 tbsp milk)
The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING. I highly recommend the recipe!

We baked late into the night, and it was the best time. Good food, good music, good company; what more can you ask for?

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