Thursday, January 24, 2013

after work biers

Last night after work I went shopping and to dinner with K. I can't believe the last time I saw her was at the airport when we were flying home from Paris! We caught up over food and drinks at Bier Markt, talking about work life and how finally, after 2 years, we could actually meet up for drinks after work. (Back in second year when we were applying to jobs, our goal was to both get jobs in Toronto so we could do drinks after work and be all cool... It only took us 2 years, ha)

So since we were at the Bier Markt, it was only obvious that we had to order some beer! I ordered the Éphémère Apple Ale and K ordered the Lindemans Pecheresse.  Our beers smelled amaazing, but mine didn't taste as good as it smelled... I think I was expecting more apple notes, but it didn't deliver. K thought hers was delicious though!

We ordered the Smoke Meat Poutine to share, then followed with Smoked Chicken and Smoked Beef flatbreads (or flammekueches as they called it). I forgot to tell the waiter no coleslaw, so I didn't really enjoy my flatbread as much as I would have.

Smoked Meat Poutine (house smoked beef brisket, Quebec
cheese curds, Markt fries, Leffe Brune peppercorn gravy)
Smoked Chicken (organic house smoked chicken, Quebec
brie, balsamic glazed Cremini mushrooms, roasted garlic)
Smoked Meat (house smoked beef brisket, sweet & smoky
mustard, shaved cider slaw, roast garlic, Emmental cheese)

Food aside, it was a great catch up session!

Cheers to a good night :)
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