Sunday, September 7, 2014


I've decided to start another Instagram account.

One where I can document my iPhone snappings on a more frequent basis. Daily, to be precise.

I would like to present: viesixtyfive

(A play on three sixty five... get it?)

Everyday for the next 365 days I will be posting a picture relating to something I did that day, with a little blurb to summarize those past 24 hours of my life.

This is an opportunity for me to push myself to do something consistently everyday for a year. I have a bad habit of not always following through with what I tell myself I am going to do, so this itself will be a fun challenge for me. 

Plus, this will act like a little photo diary I can look back on to see how much I've grown (or what things I've done) in the past year.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, come follow me on my year of adventure. 

September 7,  2014 to September 7, 2015. Three hundred and sixty five pictures, for the next three hundred and sixty five days. 


Sunday, August 17, 2014

saturday afternoon strolls

Saturdays in the city are the best.

Sunny Saturdays in the city are even better.

After a late night out the night before, B and I met up for some lunch on Queen West.

We had originally wanted to go to Lisa Marie, but we got there around 4pm and their kitchen didn't open again until 5pm. Being the starving kids we were, B suggested we head over to nearby Destingo.

They had a super cute patio, so we decided to sit outside.

While waiting for our food, we saw that the Bar Ape truck was across the street. They serve handmade gelato bars, and I have heard great things about them. After a quick search on Twitter, I learned that the bar they were serving for the day was Salted Caramel (uh, yes please). Unfortunately they drove away before we were done our meal... (booo).

B ordered the Shrimp Burger, which she thought was pretty decent.

I've never had a shrimp burger before, nor knew they existed. B said that the shrimp was just right, and not too overpowering in the burger. It also came with a side of Parmesan truffle fries, which tasted kind of like a classy version of McDonald's fries.

lettuce, local tomato, seafood aioli, red onion, pretzel bun

I went for the Insalate pizza.

This wasn't really what I was expecting; the prosciutto was a little too thick, and wasn't as flavourful as I had thought it'd be. I only finished half of the pizza because it got kind of soggy midway through.

prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, arugula, parmigiano

Destingo on Urbanspoon 

Since we didn't get our ice cream fix, we decided to head over to the oh so popular Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery.

As expected, the line was long. So long, that there were a few people who passed by and asked what we were in line for. Thirty minutes later, it was our turn to order.

There was a wall of tubs that displayed which flavours were available for that day.

There was also a poster which listed what you could use to sandwich the ice cream in between-- cookies, cream puffs, macaron shells, or HK egg waffles (gai dan jai, for all you Chinese speakers).

Being the hazelnut lover that I am, I went with Nocciola ice cream and the Everything cookie.

Everything cookie: two kids of chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate chips, oats

B went for the Burnt Toffee ice cream and Everything cookie.

The hype? It was all worth it. These bad boys were incredibly heavy (in weight) and super satisfying.

Next time I need to try the ice cream in the HK egg waffle cone. And the time after that, ice cream in between two macaron shells (yes, that is a thing).

Bang Bang Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

After we gobbled up our ice cream sandwiches, I bid adieu to B so she could meet her boyfriend.

As for me, I decided to head over to Trinity Bellwoods Park. This has been on my Toronto bucketlist for a while, although I didn't expect to be venturing there by myself.

It was the most relaxing thing, just being by myself and people watching.

I am absolutely in love with the Queen West and Ossington area! Definitely somewhere I would look into moving to in the future (although I do still love my condo!).

I've started to realize that I love spending time alone, and that one of my favourite things to do this summer is to take walks by myself.

Does this mean I'm, gasp, growing up?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

brunch and blue jays

It's pretty obvious I love all things Paris.

Anytime I see anything Paris-related in Toronto, I get way too excited.

I first discovered Le Neuf Café a few years ago when I used to work in a building in that area. 

A cute little Parisian-inspired cafe, opened by actual Parisians? Pardon my french, but hells yes.

K and I made our way there on a sunny afternoon for brunch.

It seems a lot of other people also had the same idea, because their patio was packed and there was quite the wait time. We were starving so we decided to eat inside instead. 

It ended up being a pretty good decision, because the inside was even cuter than the outside was.

The table next to us was speaking French. So were the waiters, and I loved every minute of it. It was like we were back in Paris. 

K ordered the Eggs Norwegian

brioche, w/ smoked salmon & hollandaise; served w/ homefries and greens

I normally don't like breakfast foods, or eggs, which their menu had plenty of, so I ordered une galette Méditerranéenne (a savoury crepe).

prosciutto, fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella

This was delicious. Anytime there is prosciutto involved, I am sold. I did have to say I got a little sick of this towards the end though, perhaps it was because there was quite a bit of mozzarella in the crepe.

I would definitely come back here, especially on days I miss Paris!

Plus, they had a cute little Jackschund (I think) dog hanging out at the front!

Le Neuf Cafe on Urbanspoon

After brunch, K and I made the spontaneous decision to go to a Jays game. Although we were not dressed in our Jays gear, it was a beautiful day, the Rogers Centre was nearby, and the dome was open.

Since it was already the top of the 2nd inning, we decided to try a few scalpers and see what we could find. In the end? We got two tickets in the 100 level for $20 each. They were not together, but we managed to sneak into the section right behind home plate, 16 rows up. For $20 bucks, that was a steal.


A fantastic way to spend a lovely summer afternoon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

sunday funday (for one)

Last last Sunday I decided to wander around Toronto by myself.

(Partly because my room mate had decided to go home, leaving me all by my lonesome...)

There's definitely something so liberating about walking around aimlessly with no set destination and all the time in the world.

I stopped by a few stores during my walk, hoping to find a few items I wanted to buy. Namely a new phone case (as if I don't have enough...) and a dress for my cousin's wedding in August.

No luck for the former, but SUCCESS! for the latter. (Now I just have to get a new pair of heels...)

A few hours later I ended up at Kekou Gelato House in Baldwin Village. K had told me they had Thai Iced Tea gelato, so obviously that meant I had to go try it out!

Kekou is a new "Asian-styled gelato house". They make gelato, but only serve Asian flavours (think Durian and Vietnamese Coffee).

Super blurry, super terrible creeper photo

I picked two flavours: Thai Iced Tea and HK Milk Tea.

I have to say the Thai Iced Tea was a little disappointing. It didn't even really taste like the drink at all. I would even say the Thai Iced Tea ice cream I had at the Wicked Spoon in Vegas was better! The HK Milk Tea was a different story, yum.

Since I was on Baldwin, I decided to stop by Noodle Face (blog post up soon) to pick up an order of their Old Beijing Style Zhajian Mian. I've been to Noodle Face once before with my mom, and this was my favourite dish!

With my gelato sitting in my stomach and noodle takeout in my hand, I slowly made my way back home. I got back right before it started thunderstorming (score) to find Big Brother would be on in 10 minutes (double score).

#sundayfunday at its best!

Kekou Gelato House on Urbanspoon

Monday, August 4, 2014

snapchats: a week in #reVIEw

Snapchatting has made its way into my daily routine. 

Time to eat? Let me snapchat it. Oh look, a weird thing on the street? Wait, let me snapchat it.

To make up for my lack of posting, I have decided to start a new series of posts, consisting of snapchats I take over the course of the week. This way I can summarize my overall week without having to take a lot of time out to write a post. (#lazygirlproblems)

So here it is; a little, unedited peek into my everyday snapchats:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

dining in the dark

A few months ago, I found a LivingSocial deal for O Noir.

A 3-course meal for 2, for a fairly decent price. Obviously I had to get it!

I had wanted to go to O Noir for a few years now but never had the chance and was never willing to dish out the money for it. 

For those who don't know, O Noir is a restaurant where you dine completely in the dark, and are served by waiters who are blind. They have 2 locations-- one in Toronto and one in Montreal.

The experience was totally not what I expected. 

You first order what you'd like to eat outside of the dining room, where there is still light. Once you have decided, you are brought in to the pitch black dining room, with only your waiter guiding you to your table.

It took a little while to adjust to the complete darkness, and my sister and I would always get spooked when we hear our waiter suddenly start speaking next to us.

Our appetizer came first, and we both ordered the Grilled Calamari with Tomato. I was skeptical about the calamari and tomato pairing but they actually went together really well! My sister and I both had to stab blindly at our plates to try to get the squid and tomato onto our forks. I eventually resorted to using my fingers to guide me (shh..).

Next up was the Marinated Shrimp with Herbs, Served with Risotto and Vegetables. I wasn't the biggest fan of this dish. At this point I was starting to get a bit of a headache as well from the lack of being able to see.

For dessert, I chose the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Cocoa Powder. Sissy got the "Surprise Dessert", which ended up being a Strawberry Shortcake (something that was not listed on the menu).

As soon as we finished, we wanted to get out of there. I have definitely developed a new found respect for the visually impaired.

Would I do this over again? Probably not. It was an interesting experience and one I am glad I had the chance to do, but I didn't find the food to be that amazing nor worth the price!

O.Noir on Urbanspoon